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About us

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Twins’ Vision

Providing a small lifestyle revolution.

To make everyone’s life even richer and more comfortable…
Twins Corporation strives to become a company that makes tomorrow even more convenient than yesterday.

In everyday life, we are surrounded by many kinds of commodities. Some are high-technology products, while others are convenient tools that have been commercialized from clever yet simple ideas. Where do these products originate? In actuality, they are not produced in factories or in the brains of technical experts. Most are born from inspiration from our everyday lives.

“It’d be great to have a simple solution to this inconvenience.”
“How convenient would it be if we had something like this!”

The power to produce new products comes from thoughts rooted in our everyday lives. At Twins, therefore, we start our product development listening to what the market says and acquiring information. Our fundamental standpoint is to always look at things from the mindset of our consumers. We spare no effort to fulfill the current needs of our consumers quickly. We strive to create a rich lifestyle culture that makes tomorrow even more convenient than yesterday.

We carry out planning, development, and sales of products needed to enrich everyone’s lives based on the keywords “Health,” “Comfort,” and “Convenience.”

We strive to provide well-being and a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to the people who are involved in working for the company.

We make it our goal to become a company trusted by our customers, employees, and society.

As a fabless developer and manufacturer, we are flexible and fast on our feet.

Greetings from Management

Representative Director Ryuji Kajiwara

Representative Director Ryuji Kajiwara

As a project planning and development company, Twins Corporation has been involved in the development and the sales of “Caterpyrun: shoe strings you don’t have to tie,” cookware, seasonal tools, and kitchen appliances since the establishment of the company in April 1999.

We strive to develop products based on our motto: “Committed to everyone’s health and comfort.” As a company, we are responsible not only for improving quality and safety, being environmentally conscious, and making social contributions: we are also committed to assessing our customers’ ever-changing lifestyles to deliver to society products that make everyone even more healthy and comfortable.

In addition, the name of our company, “Twins,” was created with our various partners in mind. We strive to be pairs - twins - with our partners. Whether company to staff, company to client companies, company to end users, or company to partnering plants, it is our goal to meet our partners face-to-face and develop win-win relationships. We developed the name of our company with that thought in mind.

We are committed to work hard to build good, long-lasting relationships with our partners and to provide attractive products that turn our customers into our life-long fans.

Company Profile

Head Office Location Twin Hills West Building 3F, 7-1-9 Kanasugi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba Prefecture 273-0853, Japan
Tel: 047-449-8380, Fax: 047-449-8381
President Representative Director Ryuji Kajiwara
Establishment April 8th, 1999
Number of Employees 32 (including part-time employees)
Annual sales 1.5 billion yen
Logistics center 1029 Higashioota, Tsubame-shi, Niigata Prefecture 959-1289, Japan
Tel: 0256-63-9891, Fax: 0256-63-9892
Tokyo sales office Unizo Yaesu Building Chika MB4 405, 2-4-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028, Japan
Tel: 03-6265-1942, Fax: 03-6265-1943
(Note) Not open to general customers
China Shenzhen office Shi Yan Wu Liu Yuan Building 5 5F, Shiyan Zhen, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong, China
Tel: (86)-136-5141-8552, Fax: (86)-769-8905-3157
Business Activities Import and sale of kitchen supplies, electrical goods, DIY goods, general merchandise
Product concepts
 1) Healthy
 2) Comfortable
 3) Convenient
 4) Environmentally friendly
Export of second-hand machine tools and steel materials
Real estate rental business
Primary Financial Institutions The Chiba Bank
Ltd Futawamukoudai branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Funabashi branch
The Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank
Misaki branch
The Keiyo Bank
Futawamukoudai branch
The Awa Bank
Edogawa branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Funabashi branch
Affiliate company Frontier Works Inc.

Company History

April 24, 1999 TWINS established as limited company in Funabashi-shi, Chiba Prefecture with capital of 3 million yen
July 2001 Organization changed from limited company to Twins Co., Ltd. with capital of 10 million yen
December 2005 Acquired own company building, "Twin Hills," made of rebar in Funabashi-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Land area 363 square meters, Building area 626 square meters
October 2006 Established distribution center in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture
March 2008 Relocated Niigata distribution center to Tsubame-shi Yoshida-cho with business expansion
Total area 1,200 square meters
September 2009 Established Osaka sales office
April 2011 Established Shenzhen, China office
April 2012 Tokyo show room established in Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
October 2012 Kitchen studio established within head office building
December 2012 Launched shoelace website Caterpyrun, began sales
February 2014 Launched switztool JAPAN site
July 2014 Integrated the shoelace Caterpyrun series as Caterpy Brand
September 2014 Relocated distribution center with business expansion
Changed distribution center name to logistic center