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1. Terms of personal information

"Personal information" is defined as information about living individuals which can be used on its own or with other information such as names, birthdates or other descriptions to identify, contact, or locate a single person, leading to identify an individual in context.

2. Collection of personal information

On this site, we may inquire about your personal information. We will not collect personal information from you without your express consent and a clear description of the purpose of use under legal and fair means.
Personal information collected on this site is as follows:
- Name
- Company name
- Telephone number
- Email address

3. Use of personal information

The purpose of the personal information we collect from our site is as follows:
- For reply to inquiries and confirmation notifications
- To inform you of special projects and information on new products
- To send information on products and our services
- To receive cooperation with questionnaires to be carried out on an irregular basis

4. Safety management of personal information

Personal information we receive and collect is managed by us and third-party service providers using rational, organizational, physical, human, and technical measures according to relevant laws and ordinances to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse and leakage.

5. Correction or deletion of personal information

Please inform us of correction/deletion of your personal information using our contact information in section 7.

6. Use of Cookies

We may use cookies to provide better services to our customers, but this does not allow us to gather information that can identify individuals, and we will not violate your privacy. You can turn off all cookies if you prefer not to receive them simply by changing your browser settings.

※ A “cookie" is information that is transmitted from the server computer to your browser and stored on the hard disk of the computer you are using.

7. Contacts

Phone: 047-449-8380
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8. Terms of change in privacy policy

If we change what personal information is to be collected, the purpose of its use, or any other privacy policy in this site, we will update our privacy policy accordingly.